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Welcome to Drive Florida Safe Driving School

My Mission

I’ve been a Driving Instructor for over 6 years.

The biggest companies are not the best because most of them are in it for profit and some of the smaller companies just don’t make the cut.

I can teach anyone to pass a road test but learning to drive is more important than passing the test.

I wouldn’t think much of myself or any other instructor if that’s what they think this job is about.

Teaching teenagers to drive is a joint effort between the parents and the instructor.

State Law says the parent is required to teach their teenager 50 hours of instruction and you will have to sign a statement regarding that at the DMV.

I always teach every student of mine as if they are a member of my family.

I strive to teach your teenager SAFE DRIVING HABITS and skills that they will carry with them into the future.

I have worked in the medical imaging field as an ultrasound technician in the ER, Hospitals, and Trauma Units. Through my experience, I have seen firsthand the terrible effect of car accidents and the immediate effect it had. The aftermath is certainly terrible destroying young lives and their families.

I always thought that if they were taught the right skill set then this heartbreak could have been avoided. That’s why I strive to teach my students to become safe and efficient drivers.


Frank Cagno

Driving Lesson
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